Cultus Nex

by Sacrilegious Impalement

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Wallow Within
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Wallow Within SI stand at the forefront of finnish black madness and the only reason I bought this album just now is because it's among my favorite albums ever and has been available for free streaming forever. I just had to have it now. Favorite track: Utterly Rotten.
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released December 25, 2009



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Sacrilegious Impalement Finland

2015 "First Three Nails" CD
2013 "III - Lux Infera" CD
2011 "II - Exalted Spectres" CD & vinyl
2009 "Cultus Nex" CD & vinyl
2008 "World in Ashes" 7"
2007 "Sacrilegious Impalement" mCD & 10"
2006 "Total Annihilation" -demo
2005 founded.
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Track Name: Total Annihilation
Total Annihilation

End of lies
Hear the bell chiming
Mark of Death
Satan rise!
Pleasures through the suffering enlightement beneath your skin!
Cut flesh, my blood runs for thee. I am possessed by the urge to hurt... and destroy!
This world will burn for our sake
we must secure total annihilation of this scum.

I hate this race, we are just waste of this time and space, we breed the semen of war...
Always have and always will.
To die for the sake of death is our fate which I enjoy.
So I hope you die!
I want to feel the heat of a dying sun... This time it's us.
My devotion goes beyond and thou shalt fear.
Fear to live through tomorrow!
This is what we seek. This is what we urge. This is what we desire.
Death! the liberator?! I hope torture for your every cell...
Track Name: Holy Terror
Holy Terror

Inquisition... Rites of purity... In the name of the impotent "king".
Suspicious are their ways, working against our nature.
And good shall prevail... The vermin in you...
Spreading pain and sorrow to everywhere.
Holy Terror!

Oh, lord strike them down. Do not show any mercy!
Force fed lies giving disguise for carnage.
Venom for those thirsty lips,
which crave for heavenly benediction...

Extinction of your futile lives is at hand.
This seed of evil is planted deep inside of man.
You bear the mark!
The vermin in you...
Spreading death and torment to everywhere.
Holy Terror!
We rape the world!

Craving for sin, souls corrupted. Uttermost bliss...
Heavenly grace shall shine upon you!
Holy Terror...
Track Name: March of Doom
March of Doom

Carrying unholy powers. Pregnant by the seed of Evil.

Birth of man, messiah? turand? a god?
In the horizon I see the horns... Let him rule, the mob will follow!
Clouds are gathering, darkness descends... New era has begun!

Light the fire. See how their faith is burning! Let them bring the light into the shade!
Merciless mayhem - Fear the wrath of throne!
Human sacrifices to the ancient gods. Throw those sheep to the lions!
Your flesh is mine...

Bow to Me! Ruler of the world, god supreme! Ave, Ave Caesar!
See the torches in the nigh. See how their faith is burning.
And every beast shall have it's prey...

Bow to the King of all beasts... Worship or perish!
In the horizon I see the horns!
Track Name: Baptism by Blood
Baptism by Blood

Here is no peace,
only Death...
My devotion is unshaken!
Congregation of the pure.

Sign of Baphomet high upon the altar...
Raise the dagger and let the divine flow...
Man is a vicious beast striving for supremacy!

Rotten teachings suffocates. Strong will reject!
We are sinners, we are the Devil's fury...
The beast shall reign supreme!

Open the gates to perdition...
I do not carry their chains!!!

Bring us to the dawn of a new age, cleanse the world.
Foul stench lingers upon the path decorated by Death...

Baptism By Blood!
Track Name: Revelations...the Coming!
Revelations...the Coming!

Lucid dreams of the end of the world to come... The cosmic eye is burning open!
Hallucinations in flesh walking the very surface of the earth.

Strangers under the sun.
The young face of the god of the cross is trampled upon. Sons of the veiled shadows.
Not only strong and frightening
but eternal and invincible is the core of unseen evil.

Faceless angels drinking their blood in the wastelands,
still withering in the sand.
Like the sound of million eagles,
secrets of the dead are viciously roaming deep from below.
Without a name, without a soul...
Hatred marches on.

Slaying a fool, strangling an impure.
Rain comes storming down (cleansing of the towers)
flushing away those who can't stand alone.
Track Name: Utterly Rotten
Utterly Rotten

Verily hollow soul, rotten flesh walking in distant darkness
Vicious mind and heart, mysteries unfold
Cosmic nightmare revealed afore me

Wrath arouse me in divine rapture
Journey through mystic chaos
Dim the hope of a fool, Death shall manifest

Let me offer you another kind of glory
Let me take you to the twilight
In the grace of darkness you shall lie waste

Doomed and utterly rotten
Disciples of the fallen one

Sacred and the uttermost spiritual death
The one to end this cosmic dream
Raise me from this void...