Sacrilegious Impalement

by Sacrilegious Impalement

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released December 1, 2007



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Sacrilegious Impalement Finland

2015 "First Three Nails" CD
2013 "III - Lux Infera" CD
2011 "II - Exalted Spectres" CD & vinyl
2009 "Cultus Nex" CD & vinyl
2008 "World in Ashes" 7"
2007 "Sacrilegious Impalement" mCD & 10"
2006 "Total Annihilation" -demo
2005 founded.
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Track Name: Sacrilegious Impalement
Sacrilegious Impalement

I want to see him bleed, forgotten son on the cross
Vicious Wrath/ Pain everlasting!
For holy blood our hunger grows.
We are here to seal the world into infinite darkness...

Stepping forth from the shadows.
To curse the flesh and rape the soul...
Hear the whore of Babylon sings / Macabre dance of death

Morbid visions / The omen of apocalypse
Sanctified crime!

Tormenting laughter / Agonized screams
Nailed to the wood, prophet of false...
Prayer of hatred towards humanity!

Sacrilegious Impalement

Son of man dragged from his "throne"
His eyes stare into tine oblivion...
No more lies of the unworthy!

Sacrilegious Impalement

Desecrated blood / Sign of victory
No god can save this words.
Infinite darkness I welcomed!
Track Name: Infinite Darkness
Infinte Darkness

Touch of darkness, arrival of despair
Plagues and torment, night without end.

Call of chaos, the one above all..
No more cosmos. Rise forbidden lord!

Chosen to walk the path of oblivion,
into the realms of majestic Death!

Devoted to carry the torch of wrath
through the serpent's maze...

Bring the chaos among the sheep!
Let the shephers rot...

Witness the dawn of his empire.
Rising from the ashes of feeble creation.

Tormenting chants echoes in the night
whispering in tongues...

Bring the chaos among the sheep!
Rise forbidden lord!
Track Name: Prophet of Misanthropy
Prophet of Misanthropy

Stripped from his disguise of holiness
What is the "lamb of god" but a man
A jewish delusional agitator
A shepherd for yet more retarded

What stands his fate for but death
Death to the weak and unfit
Compelled by his worthless and senseless doctrine
to drag his cross for crucifixion
No need for death-sentence
just an order to die...

What stands the cross sanctified by the death of this scum
but the triumph of SataN

Praising this god of worms
the Father- the ultimate source of this pathetic "wisdom"
What are his children but instruments for gaining pleasure
through violence
Strengthening our might and power
the spirit in us, true majesty

Yes, indeed, serve Him well
Turn the other cheek for this fist
Pray for your enemies and corrupt what is left of your dignity
Crushed by their hate...

Death for the weak and unfit
...Just an order to die...
The spirit in us, true majesty
the triumph of Sathanas